7 Secrets For Small Businesses Battling Liquidity Problems

If you are a business owner battling liquidity problems then knowing these little talked about secrets are a must. Liquidity Problems are scary.  You have put blood sweat and tears into your business, maybe even your house and at this point in time, all you can probably see as you lay awake at night is…

Accountants Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee? Can an Accountant Really Offer One?

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Accountant Vs Bookkeeper

Is Your Accountant Acting as an Overqualified Bookkeeper?

Don’t let your accountant be a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers charge $50 an hour. Accountants charge up to 10 times that amount. Accountants have an obligation to their clients to give advice, aside from controlling bookkeeping and completing tax returns. Sub-par and average accountants prepare financial statements and simply post the final results and tax returns to…


In my past role as an Adelaide accountant I used to see small business owners experience this all the time.

Visiting their accountant and being more confused at the end of a meeting than at the beginning.

You pay your accountants for advice – not for them to give you a headache with impenetrable jargon, and more options than you can keep track of.

If you have a problem that needs fixing, or a strategy you’re unsure of you need solid advice from your accountant.  The last thing you want is them sitting on the fence covering their own position.

You pay them for advice.  That is the job of an excellent, pro-active accountant.

If they can not give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, they at least need to be able to give you the pros and cons of the situation.

If the matter is particularly delicate your Adelaide accountant should at least be able to say,

“if it was my decision I would do this, but you must realise this is a very delicate matter and who knows what the other party will do”, or similar.

If they can’t or won’t do this because they lack insight, knowledge or confidence, it’s time to let them go – right now.

As a business owner it is important that you make decisions quickly with the very best of information available.  If your accountant is unable to provide you with the information you need, you walk away confused, or unsure then it is obvious that they are not acting in your best interest and in face holding your business back.

This is just one mistake business owners make with their Adelaide Accountant…. there’s more.

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