Accountants Fees as an Investment

Too many accountants fees operate on the basis of you having an “open check book.” They’ll do the job and get you to pay it without a fixed price quote.

If you have a an average or worse accountant there’s a chance they’ll throw in computer breakdowns, or the amount of time it might take a less expert junior accountant to get the job done.

With sub-par accountants fees you are basically paying for their inefficiencies and cost-cutting measures when they send you a bill determined on their hourly rate.

Simply do not do business with accountants of this type.

Imagine if your mechanic came to you after he’d repaired your car, and said, “It took me twice as long because I had to wait for a part to come in, so I’m going to have to double your bill.” That’s what you can expect from low-end accountants.

On the other hand skilled accountants are willing to offer a fixed price. They’ve factored in both problems and periods of exceptional productivity. They know their own capacities, and they know how long a job will take once they discuss it with you. They do an excellent job and they charge reasonable fees.

Demand Your Accountants Fees are Fixed.

Any accountant worth their salt will be happy to offer a fixed price. They’re confident in their ability to deliver. By knowing what your fees are it will ensure you aren’t slugged with any nasty surprises. Accountants have been in the game for years if not decades – they know what your job is worth.

This is just one mistake business owners make with their Accountants… there’s more.

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